Why booking an appointment is important

Clinica Calviavet just turned three and we are happy to say that we presently have a large number of patients registered and continue growing by the day.
As we are getting busier, we need to schedule consultations and operations more strictly in order to continue offering a great service to everyone and giving our hospitalised patients the time and care that they need.
Making an appointment makes our day easier to organise at the clinic but also benefits you and most of all, your pet. We do our best to make every animal’s visit to the vet as pleasant and stress-free as possible, but some animals still get a little nervous coming in, especially those not used to travelling by car or in a pet carrier. A lengthy wait in the waiting room, in close proximity to people and animals that they don’t know, can lead to increased stress not only for pets, but their owners too!
When clients turn up unscheduled, this can mean a fuller waiting area and will usually result in us running behind ….which means more waiting for everyone! We may also have to reschedule operations to see extra appointments which means our inpatients have to wait extra time too!
Clients with appointments will be given priority, but if you have an urgent problem or emergency we will always fit you in. Calling just as you leave home or en route also helps us prepare for your arrival so please do try and CALL FIRST whenever possible.
Our number is 971695108 and our receptionists, Steph and Natalia will usually be able to offer you an appointment on the same day that you call.

We would also be very grateful if clients in need of repeat prescriptions or food, would call a few days before they run out, so that we can ensure they can pick up what they need without a delay. All medication must be dispensed by vets only and if they are busy, they will not be able to provide your pet’s medicine immediately. Call a day or two ahead, and we’ll try to ensure that your prescription is waiting at reception for you- much more quick and efficient for everyone!

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