Cat Sterilization and Identification Campaign in Calvià

A new initiative intended to raise awareness about the importance of identifying and sterilizing pet cats, reducing abandonment and avoiding health and behavior problems, has been launched in Calvìa!

In compliance with the new municipal ordinance on the welfare and possession of animals living in human environments, approved in March 2017, it obliges the owners of cats that have access to public spaces to take responsibility for their identification and neutering. To read the new ordinance click here.

The campaign will last for three months, and runs from the 15th September until 15th December 2017.

During this period, cat owners who want to take part in the campaign, will receive special discounts for microchipping and/or sterilisation of their pets, subsidised both by CalviaVet Veterinary Clinic and Calvià Town Hall.

Cat owners must present a certificate of registration of residence (empadronamiento) in the Calvìa municipality to take advantage of the offered discounts. The idea is that all cats must be duly identified and registered and the owner will be obliged to keep it in good condition, looking after its health and welfare, as well as neutering all cats that venture outdoors.

We welcome this initiative as it will lead to people taking more responsibility for their cats and bringing cat ownership, protection and control up to similar standards to that of dogs.

Call us on 971695108 for more information or to book an appointment. Remember: Discounts CANNOT be given unless the certificate of “Empadronamiento” is presented AT THE TIME of the procedure.

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