José studied at the University of Leon, qualifying in 2007. He then worked two years at the renowned Los Madrazos Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centre in Madrid as well as completing his Masters at Centro Forvet.

In 2009, José moved to Mallorca, offering his services at a number of local practices and began working with the CalviaVet team in 2014, working wonders with many of our arthritic patients as well as some with back pain and spinal injuries. During 2015 he is studying for an international Diploma in Acupuncture. He is a member of VEPRA, the Veterinary European Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Association as well as the Scientific Committee of the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Group of AVEPA. He has published various articles and presents informative courses on rehabilitation in animals.

For an appointment with Jose you can call us on 971695108